Photography and visual story-telling
by Marek Mulenko

Travel Art
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Shapes, Shivers and Silences are representing
the approach to creation of visual content: 

When shooting people, Shivers means a burst of emotions. Products talk through their Shapes and interaction with light. Silences are scenes, places that makes you stop and stare for a second,
letting the mind rest while the eyes work.

My artworks are available at Saatchi Gallery

“UN.IMAGINATION is a corner of my mind where images come to life, evolve and stay. Until they become impossible to unimagine.”

Marek Mulenko - Born in Poland. Shaped by Berlin. Settled in Paris, because Paris is always a good idea. Yet constantly on the journey of doing beautiful things. Combining marketing expertise with the creative eye, precision and visual mind. In his work, he strives to capture what is difficult to maintain in an image: sensations, hesitation, touch, silence, smell – these elements spread throughout his commercial and artistic work.

Having a strong background in product development and conceptual art direction, he builds up visual impact with careful spotlight, relevant color, precise composition, careful staging of each shape, only revealing what is fashionably essential.

Worked for: 
Google, Publicis MSL (LG, Unilever, MPM Product), L'Oréal Germany (Giorgio Armani), L'Oréal Poland (Maybelline),
Canal+, Novartis, Estee Lauder (Clinique), Gosia Baczyńska, Warsaw School of Economics.

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Fashion and product photography, travel art and fine art prints in limited editions ⓒ by Marek Mulenko 2009-2020

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